Livebots Raspberry Pi Distro

Our distro is based on Raspbian “wheezy”, but already has the software needed to put a robot LIVE on our website.

This includes our python class and:
  • mjpg-streamer
  • imagemagick
  • libjpeg8-dev
  • pyserial-2.5
  • subversion
  • tightvncserver


Get livebots.img from:

  • Cloud PT


When you first boot, choose your settings on the raspi-config as you would on Raspbian "wheezy".



Open a terminal window and navigate to /home/pi/python/ folder:
cd /home/pi/python/

Run python:

Import the library:
>>>from livebots import *

Create the livebot (Enter the Livebot number on the first field and the serial port name on the second):


Open a terminal window and navigate to mjpg-streamer folder:
cd /home/pi/mjpg-streamer/mjpg-streamer/

Start streaming your video:
./mjpg_streamer -i "./input_uvc.so" -o "./output_http.so -w ./www"

Now you should be able to view the stream from other computer on your network. Open a web browser and open the following link:
http://{name or IP-address of the Raspi}:8080

However, to let the stream be viewed from outsite your network you will need to port forward your router. This varies from router to router, so please search on google how to do it on yours.